Son In-Law To Be Joke

By Youngprince On 10 Aug 2017 - 17:37

Father-in-law; young man, u're coming to seek my daughter's hand in marriage and u're chewing gum. That's a sign of disrespect. Man; sir I'm sorry, i only chew gum when i drink or smoke. Father-in-law; you mean u drink & smoke and u're here to seek my daughter's hand in marriage? Man; sir i only drink & smoke when am back from club. Father In law; u club too? Man; I'm sorry sir, i started clubbing when i came out of prison. Father In law; u've also been to prison? Oh my gosh. I can't take this anymore!!!! Man; sorry sir, i went to jail when i killed somebody. Father In law; what!!! U're are a killer??? My friend Lea...... Man; sir, it happen out of anger. It was a certain man that didn't allow me to marry his daughter, so i killed him. Father-in-law; Ahhhh!!! You are highly welcome my son. You should have told me on time na, You are a good man. Pls i hope u didn't mind my silly questions? You are absolutely the right man for my daughter. I never knew you were this gentle and kind, Do you need money to buy the engagement ring and other things? I will be of help. Man: you can say that again; hehehehe He made it just like that !!! Bro don't try this at home oh If not they will beat you blue-black Until you start having headache in your teeth.

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